Eternity – Nilo – Playa del Ingles:

The most Spanish swingers club is called  Eternity. It is placed in the less attractive center called Nilo. This should not keep people away from the place. They moved from another location in September and we have not yet visited the new location.

Another club was in the same locales before, and from that time we know that it for sure now is bigger and with a huge jacuzzi. It is being run by a fantastic gay couple, with a fantastic taste when it comes to interior and design. They are always creating a good atmosphere and a good party mood. Their place has always been nice and clean.

This is the place where most Spanish people are in the weekend. It is a bit different than the other clubs, as they are dancing and flirting much more and the real action is starting a bit later, BUT when they start, we are talking max action…. When playing, the language issues dissapears….only body language counts 😉

You have not been on a swingers vacation in Gran Canaria, without visiting Eternity a Friday or Saturday…. One of our favorites……

Secret – Cita – Playa del Ingles:

One of the newest clubs on the island. It is 900 m2 and new decorated in a very nice style.

There is a huge bar when you enter the club, where the nice couple owning the place or the sweet and sexy girl in the bar, welcomes people in a nice and relaxing way. New guests normally gets a tour in the club.

The club is build in one large room. It can at first feel very large, but at the same time there is always a nice, warm and cozy atmosphere. There are some nice play areas, both big but also more private. There is a rather large couples area, where singles are not allowed.

There is also a nice large jacuzzi and a super fine shower area.

The club is always nice and clean, with free condoms in the bar. You can ask for a key to a locker with clean towels inside.

Normally there are both tourists and Spanish (Canarian) guests in the club, and very often a naughty atmosphere 🙂

This is absolutely one of our favorite places 😉

You can see more about the club here:


Fun4all – Cita – Playa del Ingles:

Fun4all is a nice club in the basement in Cita center. It is small but intimate and it is in another style than the other clubs we know. For sure a club with a lot more dancing, so flirting is going on a lot here.. We have experienced a bit less real playing here, except for the things going on in the middle of the bar:-)

2×2 – La Sandia – Playa del Ingles:

2×2 is a nice club which was located in the basement in the shopping center Cita before. It is now placed in a small shopping center called La Sandia. The new place is so nice. Huge bar/dance area and a very large play area with many rooms and even a car you can play in….

You will find many different people here, and it is in our mind one of the best places to find single guys…

Venus – Cita – Playa del Ingles:

Venus is a nice modern club. It is nicely decorated with a lot of details. There is a big bar/dancing area, wellness area with a huge jacuzzi and more playrooms.

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