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Refurb continues…

Monday…the day before we leave the island, we went by La Mirage for a last peak….. They have come quite far with the refurb and it is easy to see how nice it will be… Here are some pics : Huge crane lifting materials into the area….. Nice new colors on the bungalows… Sleeping area […]

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Another visit at LM…

We heard that a lot happened at LM during the refurb, so we had to stop by for coffee…. There is still around 40 people working 10/12 hours a day and the bungalows are in all different stages…. Some just started and some almost ready… It will be soo nice when all is ready…. Here […]

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Re-furb at La Mirage…….

….re-furb has started at La Mirage…..and it is NOT just a quick make-over with a little paint…. We will follow the work during the summer…specially in July where we are at GC. We will post updates and pictures from La Mirage when we are there. Have a nice summer 🙂

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Yeees…. back after 3 weeks home :-)

This time for 4 weeks…. 4 weeks of sun, nice food, super drinks and best friends 🙂 Though with a bit fewer club visits, as our kids are here too……but we count on going every second night or so…. We started by visiting Secrets 🙂 A bit quiet but still some ok couples…and as always […]

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Yet another recap….

Once more, we have to say, that it has been the best vacation with the most fantastic people… We have laughed more than ever, with our lovely friends from England, who we really loves a lot and always enjoy being with. The most intimate things have been discussed, and we ended up concluding, that we […]

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….in paradise… Unfortunately something happened in our private life, just before going here, making it impossible to write as much as we wanted, just before going here… BUT, now we are here, ready for a very needed vacation. We arrived late Saturday evening at La Mirage, and was welcomed by the best friends…

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