About us

We are a naughty couple, who have been together for 19 years. We have a super sex life, but we enjoy the little extra it gives, having fun with others.

We are playing a lot in a clubs in Denmark . This is also the only place for us to meet single guys, when we are at home..

We are not into long meetings before we decide to have sex, if we click…..then we sex….

We both like to flirt, turn on/being turned on by the other couples or Q here by a naughty single guy……

We NEVER play alone…ALWAYS together and always in the same room….

We have been playing a lot with couples, and we love it. Both in clubs, but also private…maybe a weekend in a small cottage or at different vacations.

With couples we love to do almost everything. Lots of kissing, playing, hands all across  girls playing, toys…. Switching partners is a must when we play…

We are off cause not into all the illegal things, and condoms is a must at all places except for in the mouth 😉

We have a big fantasy about joining a private party with 3-6 couples….

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