Prices & policies

Current rates – Prices are per bungalow per night

DatePrice per night
01-05-19 to 30-09-1972€
01-10-19 to 20-12-1982€
21-12-19 to 12-01-2092€
13-01-20 to 31-03-2082€
01-04-20 to 30-04-2092€
01-05-20 to 31-05-2082€
Supplement for late checkout20€
Transfer from the airport – La Mirage (Direct Payment)35€

Reservations Policy:

Reservations can only be made by / for over 21 years old couples.

Minimum booking 3 nights.

Proof of age will be made at check-in. Any person under 21 will have to leave the premises immediately and in this case as the resort is for only couple, both guest will have to leave. No refunds in these circumstances.

A 25% deposit will be requested when booked and final payment must be made upon arrival.

Accommodation will be provided to those people holding a booking. If you need to make changes, please see the modification policy.

Modification policy:

Changes in reservations made 8 to 45 days prior to arrival are subject to an administrative fee of 50 euros per change.

All changes you make must be equal to the number of nights booked. If any reduction is made in the number of nights in your booking, you will have to pay 50% if the days cancelled.

Only the lead passenger can make changes to your booking of cancel the reservation.

Cancellation policy:

Onlythe lead passenger can cancel the booking and written document will be required.

Cancellation fees apply as follows:

If you cancel more than 45 days before arrival and your reservation is paid through the website, there will be no cancellation fee, if the payment is made by bank transfer, the cancellation fee will be the first night.

If you cancel or modify between 45 days to 8 days before arrival, the refund is not granted, however at the same time of cancellation you have the right to make a new reservation with fixed dates without modification options equivalent to the same monetary value in the following 10-month period according to availability on the website, paying the reservation modification costs.

If cancelation 7 or less days prior to arrival or in case of a no show on the day of expected arrival at the hotel, we do not grant any refund norcan we apply any date changes

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