Single guy….

It is Thursday and yet another lovely day at Gran Canaria…We enjoy life at La Mirage…in the sun on the new fantastic double beds around the pool….AMAZING so nice everything is here…

The last couple of days we have been to Secrets at night…dancing, laughing and drinking….and we have been talking to the English couple from last year and a new Italian couple….really sooo nice people….. We have been looking around but there have not been anyone we have been interested in who also showed interest in us….but i guess we also have become more selective than years ago… Tonight it is eating home night, and just as we finalize the dinner, the lady here tells that she want to stay at home…. We have both been having sore throats for some days….and she thinks it would be good with some rest before the weekend…so after a lot of “convincing“ me, I accept the heavy burden to represent us this night in Secrets 🙂

As I enter Secrets i see a lot of people this night…. all are asking where wifey is, and most of them think i am a good guy, doing the hard job being here alone 🙂 The night goes as any other with drinks and talking to our friends.

After a couple of hours i decide to take a round… It doesn’t take long, as most of the club is “couples only” and I see that the open area is more or less empty….

Coming out again i meet a really nice woman from a couple we know from Denmark… We also said hello to them the night before and she and I talk for some time, while her husband sits behind at a table…. We decide to go to a private room, and the husband joins as well…but only for being there not being part of the playing…

We kiss and play a bit and then it ends on the bed with really nice sex….She is super sexy….. The husband is standing next to the bed waiting…..really VIP with our own doorman 🙂

After that, time for a quick drink, before i return to wifey…. When i enter she sleeps like a baby…. I really hope she is ready for the weekend 🙂

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