Second day…

Sunday and second day in our vacation.

We relax and have a quiet day as we both are quite hit by hangovers after Saturday night at Secrets.

We went for dinner at ADDIO Mare…the lady had a big need for a nice burger 🙂
After dinner we just quickly pass by our bungalow for a quick shower and then…away to Secrets…

We enter and it is normal Sunday quiet in there….but quite fast people starts to arrive. A couple we have known for quite long arrives as well. They live here and know all the employees at Secrets very well….so we all talk and have fun. I M have been together with the woman quite many times…and this time is no exception…. We had for one of the nice new private rooms….we kiss a bit but starts quite fast…. I go down on her and licks….but I need to find a condom fast and feel her for real….

Again a super nice and naughty experience with her, but a bit shorter this time compared to normally…I knew that wifey was totally sober…just waiting outside…so I wanted to get back quickly 🙂

Super nice evening at Secrets 🙂

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