Safely arrived……

…to our fantastic paradise πŸ˜‰Β 

We got our favorite bungalow at La Mirage….and all looks soo good after the refurb. Amazing new design and all made with the guest wishes in mind…. WE LOVE IT!!

We do the shopping and then head for a pizza in our favorite restaurant Il Pomodoro (remember to say you know Jannie & Torben / Skujato, and you get a 10% discount). As always we get the most fantastic Italian pizza and a Peroni.

The we head for our favorite club…. Secrets…. We miss all the staff so much when we are away..and now a new guy started in the bar Jack. We know him way back as he was the first guy we played with down here many years back….. a super nice guy…and now working in our favorite place…
The owners are off course also here and they give us a tour as the club has been totally refurbed.

We are crazy with all the new things here…they fixed some of the minor flaws the club had before, so now it is even more perfect…even though we need to get used to all the new stuff as well πŸ™‚

As it is Saturday….the club quickly gets full…many Canarian people and also an English couple we met last year…

As always the most fantastic atmosphere…. it is impossible not to get in a good mood here….lots of drinks, laughter and dancing…..maybe too much drinking for me… The fantastic guy singing and dancing in Secrets he told that i was β€œon fire” and i managed to dance and lean against both the nice doorman and a police man often visiting the club….

I told M to take a round in the club, as mostly wanted to stand and relax.. but he quickly returned to me…. A couple entered the open area and invited single guys to play with her…. M made her squirt in 10 seconds but when se started to suck him, she used her teeth and he quickly returned to the bar and me πŸ™‚

A super nice night…. as fas as i remember πŸ™‚

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